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Company with history of safety violations kills motorist when wheel flies off truck

The army of private sanitation trucks that race through New York City’s streets every night are often in poor repair, with trucks routinely being declared unsafe and pulled off the road by government regulators. But Century Waste, a New Jersey company with more than 30 trucks operating in the city, is worse than most. In the past two years, Century Waste trucks have failed 65 percent of the government inspections performed, a review of city and federal records shows. Brakes, axles, steering mechanisms — they’ve all been found faulty. In February, yet another truck was ordered off the streets after inspectors found “wheel fasteners loose and/or missing.”

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Private garbage hauler busted for drunken driving after slamming into cars and Brooklyn home

A private garbage truck’s trashed driver lost control of his massive rig and slammed into several cars, a tree and a Brooklyn resident’s front gate Saturday, police said. Anthony Castaldo, 40, was in a drunken stupor while driving down 60th St. between 19th and 20th avenues in Borough Park about 5:20 a.m. when he somehow lost control of the wheel.

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Hell on Wheels: The rogue world of one of New York’s major trash haulers

The headquarters of Sanitation Salvage, one of the largest private trash haulers in New York City, is a squat brick building that sits unremarkably amid the garbage dumps and razor wire of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. The Squitieri brothers, owners for decades, can be found on the top floor of the house-like structure on Manida Street. The three brothers are men of considerable wealth and fixtures in Bronx politics, and one of them, Steven, has been seen riding to special events in a white chauffeured Rolls Royce. They are also, according to employees, unforgiving bosses, profane taskmasters who push a small army of drivers and off-the-books workers through grueling shifts of 18 hours or longer.

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Pro Publica exposes the Deadly World of NYC Private Garbage Industry

Shortly before 5 a.m. on a recent November night, a garbage truck with a New York Yankees decal on the side sped through a red light on an empty street in the Bronx. The two workers aboard were running late. Before long, they would start getting calls from their boss. “Where are you on the route? Hurry up, it shouldn’t take this long.” Theirs was one of 133 garbage trucks owned by Action Carting, the largest waste company in New York City, which picks up the garbage and recycling from 16,700 businesses.

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Neighbors Sue Williamsburg Trash Dump to Get it to Clean Up its Act

Neighbors of a maligned garbage weigh station are suing the owners asking a judge to step in and clean up the mess.

Ten residents who live near Brooklyn Transfer at 113-115 Thames Street in East Williamsburg say they’re sick and tired of sleepless nights caused by truck noise and foul odors that permeate their apartments and spoil their appetites.

Tenants also fear for their safety from speeding garbage truck drivers and a plague of rats drawn to the facility, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

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Bushwick residents file lawsuit against waste transfer station

Some Bushwick residents have filed a lawsuit against a waste transfer station, claiming it impacts their daily lives.  A foul odor, dust blowing into apartments, garbage and rats are just some of the complaints residents have against GPB Waste NY, LLC; GPB Capital Holdings, LLC and prior owner Brooklyn Transfer, LLC.  After years of complaints, residents filed a suit against the companies Wednesday morning in Kings County Supreme Court.


Crown Container Truck Destroys 12 Cars In Williamsburg

A Crown Container truck slammed into a dozen vehicles in Williamsburg on Monday morning.

The massive crash happened at around 6:00AM. As you can see in the attached video, the driver of the truck suddenly veers to right and starts hitting the parked cars.

See the video and photos at Yeshiva World News.

NYC Carters Only Recycling 22% of Commercial Waste

Paper or plastic — it’s all getting trashed at most New York City businesses.

Only 22% of commercial waste got recycled in the city last year — a number that has barely budged despite stricter rules meant to increase recycling, according to new data released Thursday. More…