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Tom Tolentino - Planet Waste

Steven and Burton Horowitz

Tolentino is one of the latest waste company owners to be represented by attorney Steven B. Horowitz.

Over the past four decades, Steven B. Horowitz, his father Burton Horowitz, and their firm  Horowitz and Pollack, PC have represented employers in several controversial cases involving labor organizations in which John Mongello Sr. and John Mongello Jr. were officers.  In a number of these cases, employers were found to have coerced and intimidated employees to join a union associated with the Mongellos.

  • Steven’s father Burton Horowitz was indicted for intimidating and influencing witnesses in a 1978 National Labor Relations Board case in which a nursing home owner was charged with pressuring employees to choose a one union over another. John Mongello — one of the original officers of the LIFE organization — was the president of one of these unions at the time.  Burton Horowitz pled guilty to perjury and was subsequently disbarred from practicing before the NLRB.
  • In the 1990s, an attorney at Horowitz & Pollack represented NYC waste company Regal Recycling in a case where Regal was found to have unlawfully threatened and fired employees based on their choice to support a Teamsters union over competing union Laborers Local 445. At the time, the Mongellos were officers of Laborers Local 445, and created LIFE 890 from this union after ending their affiliation with the Laborers union.

The facts of this case led one of the judges at the National Labor Relations Board to conclude that “the Respondent [Regal Recycling] maintained a sham collective-bargaining relationship with Local 445 and did not provide employees benefits included in its alleged collective-bargaining agreement with that Union.”

  • In 1991, an attorney at Horowitz and Pollack represented Baby Watson Cheesecake, Inc., which was found by the NLRB to have illegally coerced employees into joining a union called the Retail, Wholesale, Warehouse, and Production Employees (RWWPE) during a strike by members of the Teamsters Union. John Mongello was an official of the RWWPE involved in negotiating a contract with the employer which the NLRB nullified upon findings of illegal coercion by the employer.  Mongello’s involvement with the RWWPE appears to date back at least to 1979, when a group of workers at a Bronx poultry plant complained to the New York Times about a “sweetheart deal” between the union and their employer.
  • In the 1990s, Horowitz and Pollack represented Liberty Ashes and its owners the Bellino Brothers. Steven Horowitz also practiced at this firm in the 1990s. Steven Horowitz has continued to represent Liberty Ashes, and recently helped them negotiate a union contract with LIFE 890 that includes a forced arbitration clause which the Bellinos are trying to use to undermine an employee class action lawsuit.
  • In 1997, Horowitz and Pollack, PC directors Burton Horowitz and Sanford Pollack were convicted in a fraud scheme in which Horowitz directed a union pension fund to invest in fake bonds called “prime bank debentures” in exchange for a kickback.  The workers’ pension lost $9 million.  Burton Horowitz was sentenced to five years probation including one year of home detention.  Pollack was sentenced to 71 months in prison and ordered to pay $9 million in restitution.

Steven Horowitz has also represented the Antonacci Brothers’ company Crown Container before the NLRB.

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