Steve Squitieri

Sanitation Salvage

Ties to Debarred Individuals and Corrupt Union Officials

Workers at Sanitation Salvage are represented by IUJAT Local 124, which replaced a Teamsters local in 2005.  Pro Publica has reported that the Local 124 – now a so-called “independent union” unaffiliated with the AFL-CIO- was started by Louis De Angelis and James Bernardone.  De Angelis was expelled from the Teamsters Union in 1991 for knowingly associating with and paying bonuses to members of La Cosa Nostra convicted under federal racketeering laws, and Bernardone was convicted of extortion and receiving illegal kickbacks from construction contractors in 2001.

Collective bargaining agreements negotiated by Teamsters Local 813 and IUJAT Local 124 respectively show that wages paid to drivers fell by 22% from 2005 to 2013 following the change in union representation, and wages paid to helpers – workers who load garbage bags and dumpsters into trucks – fell by 43% from $23.19 to $13.00 an hour.  

ProPublica also reported that IUJAT Local 124 has also made campaign donations to local elected officials, often on the same day as contributions from Squitieri-controlled corporate entities.

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