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Sanitation Salvage

Emergency Suspension of Sanitation Salvage License

On August 28, 2018 The New York City Business Integrity Commission enacted an emergency suspension of the company’s trade waste license after determining that “Sanitation Salvage has demonstrated a pattern of unsafe operation of its business that creates an imminent danger to life or property and that Sanitation Salvage has likely provided the Commission with false or fraudulent information in license applications.”

Several crashes, including two deadly crashes, were the impetus for this decision.  After his truck killed Mouctar Diallo in November, 2017, Sanitation Salvage driver Sean Spence continued to drive for the company and killed Bronx pedestrian Leon Clark in April, 2018.  In May, 2018, another Sanitation Salvage driver with a history of involvement in collisions struck a Bronx motorcyclist.

Among the incidents cited in the Commission’s decision to suspend the license were:

  • 58 crashes involving Sanitation Salvage vehicles over three years, including 2 fatalities
  • An August 8 head-on collision involving an unlicensed driver operating a Sanitation Salvage truck at a high rate of speed in the wrong lane.
  • A New York State Department of Transportation audit finding of hundreds of instances in which Sanitation Salvage drivers worked more than 14 hour shifts, or more than 70 hour workweeks, in violation of New York State law.
  • Half of the Sanitation Salvage trucks inspected by authorities between August 2016 and August 2018 ordered out of service due to maintenance and safety issues.

On October 1, 2018, the company was allowed to resume operations under supervision of an independent monitor.  

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