Steve Squitieri

Sanitation Salvage

Cheating Workers

In 2013, the Federal Department of Labor found that Sanitation Salvage owed $385,000 in unpaid overtime to workers for shifts that routinely lasted 12 to 16 hours.  The Squitieris refused to pay the back wages as determined by the DOL, and individual workers were forced to seek compensation in court, where they ultimately lost after Sanitation Salvage argued that drivers and helpers should be exempt from overtime pay requirements as employees of a motor carrier company.  

The New York State Insurance Fund is suing Sanitation Salvage for $780,000 in unpaid workers’ compensation insurance payments for on-the-job injuries.

Steven Squitieri, his wife Andrea Squitieri, and his cousin Joseph Gallito also own a large medical transport company called D&J Ambulette, which settled a 2010 lawsuit alleging failure to pay workers overtime.

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