Marc Savino

Century Waste

Ties to LIFE 890 and Steven B. Horowitz

In 2002, Savino acquired Denville Disposal, a New Jersey waste company whose employees were represented by Teamsters Local 945, and whose terms of employment were set by a collective bargaining agreement that would expire in 2004.  Savino refused to recognize the Denville workers’ union, and instead claimed that they were already represented by LIFE 890, the same employer-friendly “union” that is in place at Liberty Ashes, Five Star Carting, Planet Waste, and other NYC hauling companies.  When the workers went on strike demanding recognition of their chosen union (Teamsters Local 945), Savino attempted to fire ten workers before being ordered to reinstate them with back pay by the National Labor Relations Board.

Marc Savino and Century Waste were represented by Steven B. Horowitz in a recent wage and hour lawsuit brought by a former employee who claimed that Century had deducted pay from her checks for lunch breaks that she did not take.  Century settled the case for $36,000.  Horowitz is the same attorney who has represented other NYC area waste haulers in several controversial cases in which LIFE 890 officers John Mongello Sr. and John Mongello Jr. were involved.


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