Jerry & David Antonacci

Crown Container

Jerry Antonacci and David Antonacci - Crown Container

Negative Customer Reviews

Unfortunately for the Antonacci brothers, their customers also know how to use social media.  Crown has received some extremely negative reviews from a number of customers:

  • “This company has extremely dishonest people and is completely lacking in integrity.”  — Edmund, Manhattan (2017)
  • “TERRIBLE in every respect…. We obviously decided to then get a new service for trash removal and even sent them a letter stating the fact that we were moving on and then they had the audacity to sue me!”  — Bob, New Jersey (2016)
  • “Do not hire them for business garbage collecting”  – F.V., Manhattan (2016)
  • DO NOT HIRE THEM! if i could give a 0 I would when I cancelled service they sued my business for breach of contract. REPEAT DO NOT HIRE THEM!  — Dottie, Brooklyn (2014)
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