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Crown Container

Jerry Antonacci and David Antonacci - Crown Container

Rock-Bottom Recycling Rate

Gerald Antonacci is also listed as the CEO of Crown Container Transfer Station, a facility that handles waste from construction and demolition projects and reports one of the lowest recycling rates in the city.  Crown’s transfer station reports only a 6-8% recycling rate.  In 2015, the facility reported recycling only 1,857 tons of waste, while 33,854 tons were trucked to landfills in Long Island, Kentucky, and Ohio (a recycling rate of 6%).

In contrast, DSNY data show that the 2015 recycling rate for these types of transfer stations in New York City was 47%, and the construction and demolition waste industry on the whole claims to recycle about 70% of this waste stream,

Antonacci sold the transfer station property for $2.4 million in 2016, but is still registered as the CEO with the NYS Department of State.

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