Jerry & David Antonacci

Crown Container

Jerry Antonacci and David Antonacci - Crown Container

Anti-immigrant views

The Antonacci brothers inherited Crown Waste, Crown Container, and other corporate entities from their father Thomas Antonacci, who passed away in 2006.  Brothers Gerald and David now run Crown Container, Crown Container Transfer Station, and other related corporate entities.  Brother Chris Antonacci, Sr. and his wife Joanie now run Crown Waste along with the family’s horse racing business.

Crown Container and sister company Crown Waste rely on a heavily immigrant customer base in neighborhoods like Flushing, Queens and Manhattan’s Chinatown.  

While they publicly praise the communities they serve, their personal social media posts reveal strongly anti-immigrant views.  For example, the Antonaccis appear to enjoy mocking industry colleagues for whom English may not be a first language:

And ranting about undocumented immigrants:

Other posts from the Crown Container social media feed may reflect the Antonaccis’ views on women’s role in the workplace:

The Facebook page shared by self-described “Ball-Buster” Dave Antonacci and his wife Heather has played host to racially inflammatory/insensitive images, such as this nineteenth century mechanical bank:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Antonaccis were enthusiastic backers of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

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