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Community Harm

Neighbors of a Tristani-operated waste transfer station in Bushwick, Brooklyn have filed a lawsuit against the facility, citing excessive noise, air pollution, and safety hazards, and vermin as nuisances.  [Download Summons and Complaint]

Previously, community members documented  as many as 1,260 potential violations of city laws and regulations in the span of a single week, including leachate in the street, idling trucks, doors being left open, and trucks driving the wrong way and off route.

In 2014, neighbors of another Tristani-owned recycling facility in Brooklyn raised concerns about possible airborne toxins after the building was destroyed in a massive fire.

In 2015, a similar Tristani-owned recycling facility in Lyndhurst, NJ was also destroyed in a three-alarm fire.  The facility and site had a history of being cited for environmental violations.

Anthony Tristani Five Star
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