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Anthony Tristani - Five Star Carting

Dangerous Trucks and Dumpsters

Five Star Carting operates one of NYC’s largest private waste truck fleets — and also one of the most dangerous.

Over the past two years, 68% of Five Star trucks were taken out of service for maintenance problems by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration following routine safety inspections.  This is far higher than the national average of 21%.

Dramatic accidents such as a truck falling through the roof deck of a Brooklyn parking garage in 2015 may indicate inadequate safety protocols.  (ABC 7 News tweeted that police believe in this case the driver may have ignored a yellow bar indicating that the structure couldn’t handle heavy vehicles.)

Workers can also be harmed by damaged or poor equipment.  In 2015, a broken dumpster severed the tip of a Five Star worker’s finger.  He also told reporters that the company had stymied his workers’ compensation claim.

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