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Anthony Tristani - Five Star Carting

Environmental Harm

Five Star trucks have been photographed commingling separated recyclable materials with putrescible, black-bag solid waste, a practice which violates new NYC recycling laws implemented in 2016.

Five Star trucks comingling recyclables with trash

Two waste facilities owned by the Tristanis are being sued by the environmental organization Riverkeeper for violations of the Clean Water Act.   They are alleged to have discharged debris and industrial runoff into Newtown Creek – an EPA Superfund Site notorious as one of America’s most polluted waterways – and into the East River.

A study commissioned by the City found that pre-2007 diesel engines emit 85-95% more pollutants, such as particulate matter and nitrous oxide, than current truck engines.  Despite being one of the largest waste haulers in the city, with new financial backing by a  private equity fund, Five Star Carting continues to operate some  old diesel trucks like these:

Anthony Tristani Five Star
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