Univisión: Trash Kingpins exposes abuses by private waste companies in New York City

In an interview (in Spanish) on Univisión, ALIGN’s Executive Director Maritza Silva-Farrell describes how problems with private waste collection in New York City particularly affect immigrant communities.  “This waste collection operates in the dark, no-one really knows how this industry is really functioning,” she said.

Maritza talks about pollution by these companies in low-income communities, racism by the owners, mistreatment of workers including wage-theft, and the mixing of recyclables with regular waste.  The new Trash Kingpins website exposes these abuses, and people can get in touch via the site to report new ones.

Español: Trash Kingpins, la campaña que busca denunciar los abusos de las compañías privadas de basura en Nueva York

Maritza Silva-Farrell, directora ejecutiva de The Alliance for a Greater New York, cuenta que el problema de las basuras está afectando particularmente las comunidades inmigrantes. “Esta recolección se ha venido dando de una forma muy oscura, realmente nadie sabe cómo funciona esta operación”, dice.

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