Labor groups say ‘sham unions’ undercut other organizations to the benefit of themselves and employers

LIFE 890’s latest target is Teamsters Local 813 at a Queens company called Planet Waste. The owner, Tom Tolentino, indicated he had high hopes his roughly 15 hired hands would vote out Local 813 and bring in LIFE 890 during an election called for March 22.

He told the Daily News in a March 12 interview he might have to close up shop if he couldn’t get out from under the Teamsters’ pension plan. He insisted, though, that his workers were free to vote however they chose.

The Teamsters wound up filing a litany of complaints against Tolentino with the NLRB, accusing him of trying to stack the deck for LIFE 890 through “unlawful assistance and support.”

This included claims Tolentino hired five new workers just ahead of the election, allegedly to throw it in favor of LIFE 890.

One of those new hires was named Polito Chiclana — and his last name rang a bell with the Teamsters.

More than 10 years ago, the Teamsters had charged LIFE 890 with doing the same thing — hiring new worker-voters before elections at two other companies they were trying to raid. According to an affidavit submitted to the NLRB, a woman named Dina Chiclana had hired new workers at both firms with the promise, “Vote for Local 890, LIFE, and you guys will have jobs forever.”

Polito Chilcana, the new worker at Planet Waste, told colleagues he is Dina Chiclana’s nephew.


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